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I like.

I agree the story died way to fast. The dog died, that was a given. More doll mayhem would have been nice.

Oh the face of truth.

Poor is the dollar having to take it in the -censored- from gasoline.

Very funny.

Everyone is killing each other. Sure it had no story, but this submission is super funny.

destructin responds:


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I didn't like it.

I didn't like it because I didn't know who I was shooting at.

Aside from that I hope you expand upon it. Make it like those FPS games with gun enhancements. You could start out shooting Rakoons mobsters before you get to him. Good start right here!

YoinK responds:

you're shooting at gangster rakoon. Weapon upgrades would involve a hell of a lot more coding... i've done a ton of coding from this already. :P

If you want to play a game that has weapon upgrades... go play Violent Shooting Spree. :P that game took me more than four months and it didn't seem to be much of a success.

funny and fun.

183483. Good game. I like the guy saying 'whee' over and over again. that is funny.

That was Awesome!!!

Yea on the upgrades and a possible heal.

I can hardly wait for the next installment of this game. Orcs maybe? Perhaps a Squire?

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Interesting. I like.

Are you a fan of ATB? My current favorite ATB song is 'Don't Stop'. With the sound of the melody and the sound of the girls voice at the end, it sounds like you could pull something similar together.

Very Nice.

Kilroy505 responds:

i never heard or ATB but ill check it out:P thanks

It is rave worthy.

That is pretty good. There are some parts that are a little repetetitive which makes me question which direction you are taking this. The part that sounds like a lazer gun and has three notes - you might want to use that more as an effect instead of an instrument.

The synth and the drums are great though and you could probably take this apart and layer it over and over again.

I'm giving ya a 4.

You have some really good sounds coming out of the speakers. The drum beat is nice, the intro is nice, and the guitar is nice.

Here is where you are making mistakes.
The intro never changes.
The keyboard has no coherence to the rest of the song.
The drum beat doesn't change either.

I really liked the Guitar!! And the intro has a nice quality to it. You might want to keep what you have here and advance on it.

GAT-X3000 responds:

Lol, you sound pretty enthousiastic, thanks a lot for your good points, but it kinda surprised me u put a 4, with all those good points, but ur the rater here, I'm not.
Thnx again bro

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